Let's Make Robots!

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This is a great project! Is there any plans to post the code or the assembly plans? 

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The body kit came with no plans as far as I remember but it was easy to assemble without plans. I've searched my pc for the code but I can't find them. If I stumble over it I will post. 

Take care

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Could I suggest dumping a solid amount of hot glue on motor tabs.  I used this same chassis and tore two of the tabs off while changing batteries.  It does look like you have things well secured though.

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Not a bad idea. They are quite flimsy but after I soldered on the caps they have been much more rigid.

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Nice bot, Ole!

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Thanks for the comments. Coming from smaller Picaxe robots with two small motors one of the hurdles I encountered during the build was electric noise coming from the four motors. It was really bad and it messed up the program flow and made the robot move in a jerky way. I found a cure after some searching on lmr and other places: I twisted the wires and added 3 capasitors on each motor and added a separate battery for the motors.

Apart from that the step from Picaxe to Arduino was relatively painless. I actually believe Arduino would have been a simpler platform for a first robot.

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You did a great job on this robot. Keep up the great work!

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Great bot, good code. It' s very fast! Keep it up!