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Companion Bot

jiggle and tick

Meant to sit and jiggle gently while ticking reassuringly.

Actually it was meant to manic-ly jitter and jiggle on a smooth surface but I couldn't do it so I changed it :-)

In the long run I will be glad I did.

My husband is already glad.

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This is such a supportive group it really helps alleviate newbie jitters  :-)


Please DO tell this to all your robot making friends. Especially to all your lady robot making friends. This community needs more observations like this one. And I blame the 99% male population for that.


Ohh, don't forget, this includes your students. They are all potential future LMR' ians and LMR'ienettes!

Yeah, we are just too nice. Maybe we should try out some sh!t talking? You know? Bad mouth each others robots? For fun?

Example: "My robot could WEAR your robot for bling!"

Wait. Now I feel guilty. Sorry about that. This just isn't going to work.

Your robots are awesome. ; j

It`s just not in your programming to be mean ig. :)

Coolio Capacitor bank 1 bit Memory :-

Logic '1' = Full sun

Logic '0' = Cloudy 


Plus + points awarded for the ordered µF Values .

The capacitors look like vertebra & spinal column

Very nice,I like your nice creations. Well done!

I think this is your best work yet, and I really liked your other creations! How awesome!

Very Artistic!

Nice work! Beside, it's an art!! I love it~