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I decided to make a robot that looks similar with the one from LMR logo. I wanted to make it at a small scale, but I realized I don’t have enough space to place the battery, and I have had to buy a smaller battery LI-Po.

Being short of money I decided to use AA battery and to do small changes on the robot design.

The brain  is handmade. It took me hours to shape it out of plasticine and that was the hardest part.

Also, for design, I used a little engine which is pumping air into the water bowl, that making little air bubbles around the brain. More, I placed a RGB led under the brain to give a mysterious light and make it look better.

I have a problem with the cod, servo doesn’t move.




solved the problem with the code and now it works fine.
I PWM just for servo.
I will post video tomorrow morning with robot running. I have not put water yet in the bowl, I still expect to harden the glue. I hope it do not have holes in the glue


These is the final shape of my robot. I can't update a video yet because servo broke during the tests. I hope i can solve these problem tomorrow. 

I am waiting your suggestions.


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great job! looks great

The brain looks great from the pics. You need to hook that motor up and take some bubble vids, that's awesome!

I don't speak Arduinish yet, I wish I could assist your code dilemma, sorry mate.

Cool, I would like to see a bubbles video, too. 

About your servo trouble. You can't use PWM on Pin 9 or 10 together with the servo lib. Your RGB LED uses pin 9,6,5. Too bad, you will need 5 PWM ports, but only 4 are available.

Use the SoftwareServo library and the servo will work. Just add enough calls to the Softwareservo::refresh() command through your code, so the servo is refreshed every 20ms.

It looks great. I also looking forward to a video of the bubbly brain and see the bot moving. 

@JAX 'Arduinish' actually is Wiring, which is a opensource programminglanguage based on C and Java.

But it' s just like C (It couldn't be a other language because the AVR Microcontroller the Arduino uses needs to programmed in C.) 

Thanks for the feedback. 

I glued the bowl in which will be the brain surrounded by water and i fixed air pump. Now I try to restore the code

with SoftwareServo library and if ai succeed in 15-25 hours i will post a video with full working robot.


sorry for my bad english language

 best one yet!


The brain looks awesome!!! Seems like it is alive!! :D... keep on with robots!!

Question... where did you bought from the continuous track? I live in Mexico so I don't know where to find them...

Thanks for the feedback.
I'm from Romania. I bought tracks from pololu 2 years ago.