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Soldering :P

Hello, i need help :)

I have a perfboard, of the kind with all holes isolated from each other, like this one. I then have two of this male header strip inserted on the perfboar, parallel and spaced by one empy hole row. Now i have to solder the pins of one line with the one of the other, it making many 3-holes connection bridges (i hope i explained clearly).

What's the right/better way to do this? I tried making a bridge with the solder but ended up in a mess. I also tried using a little piece of solid wire for each two pins but it is ugly as hell..

 any help appreciated :)

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Soldering tips come in shapes and sizes. Maybe you do not need to replace the entire iron, just the tip.

The two main tip designs are "pencil" and "chisel". The chisel shape has a flat end, like a screwdriver. That makes it much easier to touch two pads at once. Furthermore: tin your tip, clean your tip, tin your tip again. Use soldering tin with rosin in it.

the one i'm using doesn't have repleaceable tips, it is made with a single body.. i'll change it and buy a couple of different tips as you suggested