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Cup recognition for cup lifting robot

So I'm going on to improve my robot and hopefully he'll become far more advanced but in the meantime I was hoping to model the fritsl's "Bernard the Cuplifter" robot.


So here's my question. I was thinking of how to script to recognize a cup to lift. 

 here's my idea. Let me know any alternative ideas or imput on it


If there's an obsticle center move head right check distance is > center

If distance > center on the right then pan head left check distance > center

If distance left & right > center use the arms if not continue on to navigation script.


Any thoughts? Id ask Frits but my budget wont provide me any more of his help Ive been buying a cheap servo every 2 weeks =) Still couldnt thank him enough for where he's gotten me I'm loving life!

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you can tell im to get to a determined distance of the cup and then count the degrees that the servo as to go to get to the ends of the cup, an averag that is how i would do.

good luck!

There are actually full instructions & code here: