Let's Make Robots!

FIRST Robotics Competition '11 Regionals, San Diego, CA - part 5: Finals and Duckie Damsels

My final installment for this series. I didn't stay to the end but I caught a couple of the final matches and got a souvenier for the memories.

Vid 1: The intros to one of the matches. I think they were waiting for the third red member to arrive so I stopped the camera. When the bot arrived, crew dragging it onto the field frantically, the crowd went crazy. It had no claw, no mini-bot, nothing. A pure defense bot. It was the talk of the pits.

Vid 2: The action begins. One of my favs because it had a lot of autonomous robots active in the first 15 seconds. They weren't the majority in most matches it seemed. It also has a couple of the robots seen in the pits highlights if you were paying attention.I missed the mini-bots though.

Vid 3: Another final match. Due to the talk with Brett from the Dos Pueblos Team 1717 I was paying attention to their entrant mostly. I missed their mini-bot doin its thing, though.

Vid 4: I filled out an adoption form and tracked down the Devil Duckie girls from Madison HS. I wanted to ask more questions but I get dopey around cute girls :)

Team spirit, indeed...

I thought I'd throw in the list of teams. Impressive IMO: