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i need help in this circuit

i am working now in model of robot soccer and i covered most thing in this stage .. but i have some question and i hope i got help from you .

each team have 4 players ( 3 + 1 goalkeeper )  , i will explain what my plant :

  • components for one player and its attachment : -

- 2 microcontroller for 2 embadded system  ( one for communication and computer process and another for driving and process recieving commands ) .

- 2 dc motors ( now i need help in what the best type for high speed as 3 m/s as maximmum  also what size of wheels)

- L293 ( driving circuit ) : from PWM we get an output which apllied to the motor and motor will rotate to the suitable direction ( direct or reverse way )

- 2 batteries : one for driving tasks and another for suppling embadded system . sure computer have not supply from battary :)

- receiver and transmitter ( radio ) : i think i should have 2 work frequency ( one for each team to avoid interference ) , i see this product from telecontrolli are suitable , give us some frequency levels .

transmitter link

reciever link

- i am using RS-232c for communication protocol to being capable to using UART to manage and configurate the communication in microcontroller .


my problems are 

 - i didnt have any background about computer vision also what computer vision software is suitable ..?

 - in dribbling and kicking mechanizm i will use a solenoid for thet but i need more idea here .

 - is there any simulator for these applications ?

 - is there any risk when i use PWM directly to produced the output for servo ? is there any diode to protection ?

 - how can i achieve driving tasks with low less of power ? i think we had a big issue here .

- what camera model is suitable for this application ..?

i have a good experience in C langauge so i decide to work with PIC family , or if PICAXE give me a good features ill ready to work with it . Also now i am working in outlines and guidlines for the player function ( dribbling , passing , scoring and several possioning in the field ) .



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I use a Logitech usb webcam its inexpensive and comes with a microphone.


MS robotics studio has a simulator, but I don't use MS products in developing robots, being proprietary can lead to dead ends, especially in older hardware.

Blender the 3D modeling is suppose to be supporting robotic simulators.

Here is a listing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robotics_simulator#Open_source_simulators 

My Hero Mr. Brooks has an axiom which he states, "The real world is an appropriate simulator" ... for the effort in getting a simulator to make meaningful results... I would agree.


type of camera for computer vision ...

that is what i ask ..

also , i need a simulator to testing my algorathims .

Please be specific with your questions.

before i do any calculation about positioning of camera , i want some advices for buying suitable type of camera ...

previously i used a 5MP internet camera .. but i want to change to specialized type in such this case .

 ^_^ .. i didnt know about that , but i made deep search couple days ago and got some info from there and there ...

untill now i assumed 1 meter hight above the field .. so i need a method to calculate a real length to test camera hight also my algorithms .

but i didnt reach to the correct method for this ... i need some derivations ..

BTW .. i got good progress n my algorathims but still some concepts absent ...



You can calculate the camera's height using trigonometry, but I would suspect you know what this is already, unless your robot changes it's height?

You will need to know the number of pixels per degree.  You can get the specs from the camera, or calculate it yourself.


openCV , also i am trying myrobotlab , but i need some experience to used to it ...

Hi dagash,

What software are you using now?

is there anyone had an idea about how can i calculate the hight of Camera above the field of soccer robot ?
is it depending on dimention of field or what ? how ... O_o
also Grog , how do I know the real length of the values ​​taken from the camera ? i think it depends the amount represented by a number of pixels .

now i am trying on my internet camera ( 5 megapixels ) , but i dont what number of frames taken in one second ..? also i need your advice for this point


Also GroG has made a complete vision processing GUI similar to RoboRealm. Here is a topic concerning this question: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/25816. Also, here is a topic concerning cameras: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/25863. As to your other questions, I can`t really understand them. Sorry. Anyways, good luck with your soccer robot, which is, along with the self-balancing robot, the holy grail of hobby robotics.