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This is my first arduino robot.

FAB : First Arduino Bot

I used roboshield for this project which i bought for Rs 400 ( $9 approx.).

i have attached the code.The code is very simple one.

This is the base for my robot. The gta dvd was not working so i used it for this purpose.






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Thank you very much my friend !! Now I understand !!!!




Thank you very much guys !!!  


Michel, Canada 

...with the power supply? I also had this construction in my LMouseR but the motors (almost the same than yours) did not run...even not a little bit.

In your picture I see a 9V battery, is this the only power source? Any help would be great since i can not figure out how to fit the power source into my little bot.


No there was no problem as such with the motors.The 9v battery in the picture you see is of no use i must say because the current provided by that battery is way too less.

Your motors arent' working at all right ? If you were/are using a cheap 9v battery like mine then the motors wont work properly or it wont work at all if that is the only power source you are using for both arduino and motors.My suggestion would be try out with some high quality battery(having high current) like Duracell,etc.If still your motors dont work then its surely the problem with motor driver chip.

Did you try to run your motors directly through the battery without any motor driver ? were they working ?

When i was working with my first bot i had the same problem.The motors weren't working.After 2 to 3 days of troubleshooting i found out that the L293d motor driver chip was burned.I replaced it and it worked.

BTW whats that motor driver in your LMouseR bot ?

yes my motors are running when the are connected to the battery directly, this is what makes me worried ;-)

I have 2 power sources in LMouseR - The Arduino is powered by 2x 3V batteries and the H-bridge now is connected to 4x AA Eneloop and this is working. But the big 4x AA pack does not fit in place where the batterie was inteded to be. The H-bridge is working since the LMouseR rund pretty good with the 4x AA but to slow and also not good looking with this big ugly backpack ;-)

The H-bridge is a set from taobao.com and called MQ-12. I can't remember the chip's name...have to check it later.

Buy a 9v lipo battery or maybe  duracell and use the same battery for powering both arduino and your motors.


It's a Li Ion battery and it delivers enough juice to power both motors directly connected to it. But i will try to power both with one battery.

Hey Kaval I'm too from India. I just wanted to ask you that from where did you buy the arduino and the Sharp IR sensor. Also have you connected any power source to the Roboduino Sheild's Servo power in and DC power in? or just connected the 9v battery to the DC jack of the arduino?

6V for the motors,servo and 9V for the arduino.