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This is my first arduino robot.

FAB : First Arduino Bot

I used roboshield for this project which i bought for Rs 400 ( $9 approx.).

i have attached the code.The code is very simple one.

This is the base for my robot. The gta dvd was not working so i used it for this purpose.






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I also wanted to ask that did u hook up the motor MOTOR A and B or the output pins? If A and B then which pins are they connected to?


A is connected to two wires of  one motor and B is connected to two wires of other motor.

No no .. I know that I wanted to ask which pins of the arduino are the MOTOR A and B connected to...


You can use any of the digital pins of arduino.

See the manual for that board.

As Kawal says, you can use any digital out pins you want.

It is worth noting that if you feed the enable pins of the L293 driver chip with a PWM out instead of just tying them high as in the manual, you can get speed control for the motors instead of just on/off control.

Not every pin on the Arduino supports PWM. Check the documentation for your Arduino board.

Thanks for the link ig.

It will pretty much clear all his doubts.

i'm using the same roboshield ur using....

    where do i connect the enableA INPUT A INPUT A+ in the shield and the same for enable B INPUT B AND INPUT B+...

Aalso i'm using a normal IR sensor instead of a sharp..will it work...

i'm using this sensor   


pls help me..

I would never recommend anyone to use that shield because the pin names for enable and inputs for motors are wrong.

It would take trial and error method to determine which pin is what or contact the supplier.

i cant buy a shield now..what do yu suggest i do in the mean tym...

now i've plugged in the enable a and b to a pmw digital slot and the input slot to 2 other digital's....do you think this is the right approach..


you can make use of breadboard instead of shield.Check out this