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Fab.pde1.8 KB

This is my first arduino robot.

FAB : First Arduino Bot

I used roboshield for this project which i bought for Rs 400 ( $9 approx.).

i have attached the code.The code is very simple one.

This is the base for my robot. The gta dvd was not working so i used it for this purpose.






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Thank you very much my friend !! Now I understand !!!!




HI thanks for your fast answer !!

Can you explain to me how can I open your PDE file ??

Excuse my question but I'm new in soft ?




I guess you  have downloaded and installed the arduino IDE or if not then download it from here.After setting up the software,open the software and  go to File > open and browse  the folder where you have downloaded and stored .pde file and select it and click on open.

Thats it.


you need Arduino C - http://www.arduino.cc/ go to download and download the latest version


Where do you find your roboshield ?

Can you send to me your code by email at ;  ( please no zip )  laganieremichel@sympatico.ca





Hi michel,

You can buy the roboshield here

And i have already attached the code which can be found just below the first(primary) image.Download it from there.

video plzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :D want to c it in action

i have disassembled the robot .

maybe later i can re-assemble and take a video (if i get time)

aah i c i c take your time :D