Let's Make Robots!

Walter can play rock/paper/scissors!

We're gettin' somewhere...

This is Walter "docking" or stopping inside of a given area. I should say that in the video, Walter comes up quite short on the target. This is an issue with the beacon, not Walter. Walter judges distance from the beacon by judging the "size" of the beacon within the view of the camera. --As he gets closer, the dot of light gets bigger. When you put nice, fresh batteries in the beacon, it becomes super-duper bright and thus, Walter thinks he is closer than he is. I just need to get around to doing a bit of "regulation" on that beacon...



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I like Walter's voice so much! He makes my english guy synth voice sound like WHOPR in comparison. I like that touch too, BTW :)

Walters "real" voice is done by a very good friend of mine in London. I hate to bother him to "do lines" for me so I usually wait until I have a pretty good batch together. Until that happens, I use a "place keeper" voice in the form of the English computer voice as shown in the video.

The computer-generated voice was "liberated" from here. It is the "Lawerence" voice, but others are very good too. I simply played the audio via their sample player, and recorded it in real time with a second computer. It now lives on Walter's thumb drive with all his other audio.



We I think, are on the same wavelength.  I have a Speech service which when normally configured will do FreeTTS locally which is a bit scratchy and too robo-like.  If I configure it to use ATT - it will speak any phrase, but go out on the network and automagically download Audrey's voice and phrase from here http://www2.research.att.com/~ttsweb/tts/demo.php 

The first time she says something while configured to do ATT she'll pause for a couple seconds, but any time there-after she checks the local file system first and has a snappy reply.


That link to the ATT was what I was looking to find for quite awhile. At last, the perfect free voice for mah bot. You are da man!

How do you know he isn't changing his answer after your choice?  :)

How DO I know he isn't changing his answer?!?!