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Omni Wheels

Does anyone know where I can get omni wheels in the UK?

I'm looking for 40mm diameter, and the only ones I can find are at Active Robots, which seem horrendously expensive.

Ideally, they would be the red and black ones as in OddBot's post here http://letsmakerobots.com/node/6901.


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Have you considered buying a mini-Tribot? They are about 9 inches tall. Based on the pictures, I'd guess the wheels are about 1/4 the height, which would be in the range you are looking for, but judge for yourself.

It's only $12.00 USD on Robotshop.com. If you can find a source in the UK, that's pretty cheap!


Yes, I have considered it, and in fact ordered one on Monday.

It arrived today, and guess what.

The wheels are fake :(

They are one piece wheels, painted to look like the real thing.

Oh well, another "dust collector". :)



These are the red ones and there are other ones from Dagu on there but to find them search Dagu because they did not come up under omni wheels.  I have ordered from this place in the US and liked it. 


Thanks for that, JoeBTheKing.

Trouble is, they are out of stock at the moment :(

I did not see that.