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How do i connect the I2C/TWI LCD1602 module to picaxe 20x2?

I recently found this LCD http://littlebirdelectronics.com/products/i2ctwi-lcd1602-module and was wondering how i connect it to a picaxe 20x2 and also how do i program it??


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Based on the datasheet, the 20x2 has I2C capability with pin 11 being I2C clock and pin 13 being I2C data. I am sure the datasheets for both the PICAXE and the LCD will tell you what you need to know with respect to connection and getting them to work with one another.

EDIT: After some searching, you will be able to use it, but, you will still need to send the proper commands to initialize the LCD.

This link mentions I2C, LCD, and the PICAXE: