Let's Make Robots!

"Cry Baby Cry" & Video

BlueSun organisation is loaming - "a something else" product - be sure to tune into the "wave".

Care to guess its purpose in life ............. ?

Urgent Search :- Need to find Serenity or Firefly  theme tune ..for picaxe - can any browncoats help out !!!!!


Here is my niffty programming plug for the Picaxe (works on all picaxes) - means i only have to solder a 3pin female socket into my project boards - (-: saves space and time :-)

Programming plug in action and servo driver clock window.

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how do you get the postman to push the right button?

Its all automatic ...... A Magnet operates a Reed switch on both the letter box and also the parcel box (its all transparent to the postperson ....all they can see new is some strange aerial wire dangling out of the side of the box)

must be a european thing.....  all types of mail goes in the same box at my house.

He lives in Switzerland, in an appartment building. My Dutch country side mail box also is quite different from Gareth's. Some people would say we live on the same continent.

There is no such thing as "a European thing". Maybe there should be.

sorry, I meant no disrespect. 

That was just "my day of the month". I rant sometimes. Have A Nice Day Dolobra!


Our mail boxes are mostly the same throughout Switzerland, separate letter and parcel compartments.....

....however they where originaly designed for holding "milk" containers/bottles .... this is no "wind-up" ... we still refer to them are "Milk boxes"

.....cant be many cows over on the Dutch flatlands rik......

Delivery person sees dangling wire. Returns to car. Tyre flat. Puts 2 and two together. Goes postal.

Too easy.

I can never guess these creations of yours but they are always at least as wonderful as they are weird!