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"Cry Baby Cry" & Video

BlueSun organisation is loaming - "a something else" product - be sure to tune into the "wave".

Care to guess its purpose in life ............. ?

Urgent Search :- Need to find Serenity or Firefly  theme tune ..for picaxe - can any browncoats help out !!!!!


Here is my niffty programming plug for the Picaxe (works on all picaxes) - means i only have to solder a 3pin female socket into my project boards - (-: saves space and time :-)

Programming plug in action and servo driver clock window.

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looks like your project boards will not pull the programming pin down as recomended by picaxe people.  Have you had any problems with that?


The trick which i forgot to mention is .......... 

To program a Pic you need 2 resistors - in my case they are connected to the programming "Rig" i have made , however when i take out the "Rig" the pic just sits there sulking (noworkeyoo) ......... What i do is to solder a third 10K resistor underneath the programming socket on the board.

This makes the programming pin happy and allows 08M to function normally.

Ok, so a mailbox alarm. Which I feel I should have guessed, since you were talking about such a thing a little while ago.

You ask about the LED at the end of the video. Is it an IR LED? Showing up blue on the camera?

Is it just a remote doorbell?

No its not a doorbell , however you are in the right Cargo-Bay ........

This could not be a mail box alarm, could it? It's waaayyy too elaborate for just a mail box alarm!

A Redcoat has to use anything they can put their hands on (resourceful is the word)..........are you leaning into the Alliance camp rik !!!

I can guess that servo is modified for continious rotation and in fact the horn is a stand, so all construction stands and rotates like a carrousel???

Its a normal servo - and some more bits have to be added....... however before i can do that i need to sort-out the character set !!!

No idea, those Blue Sun people are always up to no good though. Please excuse me while I go finish off my Fruity Oatey Bar.