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arduino with firefighter

hi, friends i am new user of robotic builder. i am going to build firefighter with arduino.

i am using ultrasonic sensor to detect obstecl around 3m. i am very confusing about

fire sensor. what kind of sensor i use in this project board. i want to detect the fire/ hot iron road

from 2m. plz help me. also tell me how i conect this my arduino_uno.

thanx for help.

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a robot that used IR sensors, as I recall, housed in a wood block with holes drilled a certain way to allow for focus and distance sensing. I just can't find the page currently.

do you want to connect uno to your computer? It is pretty easy, there are clear instructions in the arduino website


I think he wants to know how to connect the fire sensor to arduino uno.


Maybe this will help:

It's a really nice robot made by OddBot