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Wireless camera advice

I would like to implement a camera in my upcoming robots and I was wondering what is the best small camera on the market. For now, I think this one is good enough, but it still seems a tiny bit too big: http://www.robotshop.com/ca/draganfly-eyecam-video-system.html. Is this camera worth the money (I`ll probably use it if it is) or are there better/smaller ones?

P.S.- I don`t know why, but I always want my robots to be as small as possible whenever they are to be used indoors. Does anyone else have this tendency?

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Just figured out the camera I think will work best: http://www.dynaspy.com/mini-wireless-spy-camera-24ghz-color-spycam-p-28.html.

Oh ok

Does that mean I can directly stream it to the image-processing program? Sorry I`m not good with files types...

You might try something like this RCA to USB video converter for under $10.  I really want to know what the latency is with this thing, so if anyone knows please let me know.

Note: I read the reviews and wasn't swayed by what I read, so I posted it. If you have experience with it and know what the latency is like I'd like to know. It would be nice to get something that costs less than the camera and wireless reciever unit!

If you read the customer reviews on this site, (over 160), most people had problems with this unit. According to at least some of the reviews, it is a cheap copy of a unit that is no longer made and even comes with a "burned disk" with the non-working drivers on it.

Do yourself a favor and if you need a way to get analog video into your computer, buy a quality name-brand unit. Most of the time, companies such as Frys Electronics have units free after rebate.

Composite video is not a file type, it is an analog video stream, just like comes out of your VCR. Whether you can use it or not depends on whether your video card / processor has a composite input.

Thank you salvage. That camera is much cheaper and just a bit bigger than the Draganfly. It outputs VCR with RCA (composite) video input. Does that strictly mean it works only on the TV? I would want to process the video from my computer with MyRobotLab to implement computer vision into my robots.

The output from both receivers is the same composite video....no difference.