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pins specification

i need to know the pin configurations of usb,serial,and parallel ports of a computer.....someone make me understand about the micro processor DDR,registor,address,etc evrythig related to a micro processor..

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We can talk microprocessors later but for now, the pin configurations of PC connections...

Did you, by any chance, google "USB pinout" or "RS232 pinout" or "serial pinout" or "parallel port pinout"? I'm sure you did.


You need to read a book on computers. Go to the library.

He just needs a howto on the intertoobs and he should be set.

I might need my magic wand if I am to make you understand all that at once.

Your sentence is loaded with so many questions, I think you need to do a little searching around the net for basic information then come back when you have specific questions.