Let's Make Robots!

young people only

this blog is only for people who are about fifteen and under of course, if you are older than the restrictions you may help us with any

questions we may have as this is for newbs who dont know where to begin 

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will do

16-year old, but I have a robot and a 3d printer under my belt. If I can be of any assistance, let me know.

wow I cant beleive that there is realy this many people my age that are interested in robotics. do you know any body from medina Ohio that likes robots 2?  just need a friend!


ok I think I will let you blog. ;) how bout this blog only for noobs i'm only twelve but I think i'm lesving the super noob stage into the not so noobish stage getting smarter and smarter every day! 

I am also twelve

i'm 16 :) , i'm pretty much a noob too