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Start here kit posted by Frits---- Problem with Motor Driver and Sharp

This is my first robot ever, and I seem to have a problem with the L293D Motor Driver IC and the Sharp GP2Y0A02YK sensor. I bought the kit from Solarbotics. My dad and I put together the (wiring on the) project board, motors, and servo correctly. I downloaded the Programming Editor for Vista and connected it to a computer using the AXE027 USB cable. I turned the servo to center (150). Then, I soldered on the wires on the Sharp exactly like the picture provided. I connected it again, and inserted rechargeable batteries. When I typed in  


readadc 0, b0


goto main

smoke started coming out of the robot. Then, my dad and I disconnected the sensor, and tried commanding the servo to move. It moved! There was nothing wrong with the servo. Then, we tried 

low 4

high 5

and also 

low 6

high 7

but the motors did not turn the wheels. So, we put our fingers on the motor driver, and found it extremely hot, while the resistor array and PICAXE-28X1 IC Microprocessor were cool. So now, we are facing a problem and do not know what to do. 

Thanks again! 

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We could help you 1000 times better if you take a clear (in focus) picture of your set-up.

Thanks! I will try to get back with the pictures as soon as possible.

How do I upload pictures from a SONY Cybershot Camera? Which button do I click on this site?





Sorry Double post

You have connected the sensor wire in the wrong series

The red wire should be where the black wire is currently and the black wire should be where the white wire is currently(on the picaxe board)

Like this

Starting from left

Black,white,red(this series is according to the below photo)

it would work if your sensor has not been damaged by the wrong connections

Also see  Picaxe for dummies


That soldring to the Sharp looks nasty.....wouldn't surprise me if you have a short.

I am sorry guys. The thing is, I am just learning.

Don't feel bad about mistakes. We all make them! Do learn from them, however.

Try searching youtube for videos on how to solder. There are some excellent ones. Five minutes of your time will teach you a lot and save you a lot of headaches.