Let's Make Robots!

Autonomous object avoider(first version)

Navigate around via IR sensor

My "start here" attempt(and also sorry me for my language) with some kind of manual design and some additional things like indication of state on/off photodiode , switch , and piezoelectric film to produce sound when it indicates an obstacle.








I already run out of space on this small platform so i want to disassemble it and try to adopt rc controlled jeep platform for purposes of increasing amount of sensors and adding some additional functionality 


the only problem is that im not sure of the effects of adding +V2 to my picaxe chip).

Any ideas what functions or features would be possible on picaxe?

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Any comments are welcome..

I like it nice job


I made the same robot and I used a 7.4 volt lipo battery on the v2+ and it worked great just look up the connections on the PICAXE FOR DUMMIES that frits told you to look at! ;)  that rc car looks like it has one motor for steering and another for driving I dont know how easy that is going to be unless your up for some serious programing.  btw. what kind of servo is that HXT900?  If I were you i would make sure to keep the wires neat and plan every thing and where you want it to go by sketching the lay out acualy on the rc car and then hot glueing it in.

For the car i think i will try to connect V2 to the circuit and use 7,6,5,4 as usual but with some tweaking in programming like giving short impulse to driving motor for example, to avoid overload. All i know about this servo is that it was produced by Dynam in china=) no other labels are on it! (here on cyprus its extremely difficult to find something worthwhile and cheap this is the cheapest one)

Yeah, i agree that planning is important staff but i still dont know what kind of sensors to buy and install next because in shops there is huge variety of them! And some of them cant work with picaxe. Looking for advice..

Thanks for comment)


If you are looking for other things to try with the picaxe there are lots of options. Looking at other peoples robots is a good way to get ideas. You can add sound, lights, or even control the robot with a standard Sony tv remote control. Do a search formoicaxe on the site and you'll see lots of ideas.