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Macs and FTDI's

I am in the process of moving processing to a Mac. A iBook G4 to be exact. I downloaded the Arduino IDE and used it's copy of the ftdi driver. I am using the standard SparkFun FTDI board for these tests.

Now, Arduino found the usb/serial adapter with no problem. It syncs and the serial monitor works fine. This is all with /dev/tty.modem selected. I close arduino and open processing. I use this line: MyPort = new Serial (this, "/dev/tty.modem", 9600); The code compiles and it throws no fit about not being able to find the serial port. Processing seems fine with everything. However, no data is coming through. I ran my test program (sending data from the prop) and watched it on the Arduino serial monitor and all was fine. Close that and open processing with the same com name and nothing. I have tried 2 different FTDI boards with the same results.

Is this a CTS issue? Do I need to pull something up or down?

Oh yeah, I also tried MyPort = new Serial (this, Serial.list()[0], 9600); --as well as list()[1]. Same results.

Println(Serial.list()) works and prints the same list of coms that the arduino IDE has.


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Have you tried an Arduino? Just so you can nail down that it is a prop issue. I know my Arduino works fine with the same kind of code.

I paired my bluesmirf, which the arduino IDE also found and accepted data from. I used it in Processing and it worked fine. This is actually the way I wanted to do it, but I still don't like the idea of not being able to use a hard-wire serial connection with processing. Gotta keep playing with this one.

btw, my FTDI name is  /dev/tty.usbserial-FTEG6BW6. Not like I know anything about com names, but I would think yours would be similar to mine. Makes me wonder if your /dev/tty.modem is actually the FTDI cable. I have a /dev/tty.Bluetooth-Modem that shows up in my list also. With FTDI I would think you would be looking for that "usbserial" in the name... Just thinking aloud.


Then again i just read your post again. You get data through this port... HMMM