Let's Make Robots!

Halloween Bot

Make something for halloween.

Animate a skull. Make a flying vampire bat. Make a lightshow to frighten the wits out of small children. Make loud noises. Use the "magic smoke" for effect! How about a scuttling spider?

Time is short. I'll try to give more notice next year!!

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Haloween 1999, I was working from home and my cousin wanted a haloween party (just another excuse to have a BBQ and get drunk). To keep a long story short, I set up a switch on the front door, hooked up to a PC with a homemade interface, setup some speakers near the door and a strobe light above the victims head.

When a guest opened the door the computer would play the sound of a door creaking open like in the horror movies. The guest would laugh and think this all very amusing, until they closed the door... FLASH with the lightning and BOOM with the thunder at full volume (blew out one set of speakers setting this up).

The guest now seeing spots and half deaf were not laughing, we were rolling around in fits of laughter. The guest soon regained their sense of humor though when the next victim walked through that door.

It would be very easy to set this up with a MCU, a strobe light and some old speakers ;)

got my entry - the snap-o-lantern (node 2678)



nice sketch BOA!  :)

You are an artist and a techy.

I fear you may be correct. I'm going over to the "Dark Side."
Now your hatred has become your strength!

I've got an idea, but I don't have the means (yet -- gotta get some more experience first) to actually pull it off.

Set up a webcam that looks at your doorstep and then an array of lights and movements that can scare trick or treaters.  Then, put up a website so people can trigger the various mechanisms and try to scare trick or treaters, and watch their reaction on the webcam!

Not sure how many of you have seen those internet-controlled robots, but there are a whole bunch of them out there, and they're a lot of fun!  That's where I got the basic idea.

Fun contest!  Maybe someone can make a more complex version of this:


Having just gotten my Arduino, I feel obligated to scare little trick or treaters with some sort of contraption.  :)

Only if I have time, though.  Which I don't.  :( 

Man I love those Velleman kits. I have assembled a bunch of them-so much fun. I made a few of their X-Mas trees for family and the Pumpkin for my boss. It was great practice for soldering also =)