Let's Make Robots!


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I can help you but I need to know where you are right now.

What have you looked up so far? When you went to google to start looking for information on robots, what did you find? I just need to know so I don't waste time repeating what you already know.

I am sure when you were searching you found names like picaxe and arduino --when you searched these terms, did you find anything that you didn't understand? I can help you learn about microcontrollers.

Also, when you searched for "robot parts Algeria" did anything come up? How about "electronic parts algeria" --does anything come up with that search? We need to find out what parts you can get where you are.

What did you find confusing about the Start Here tutorial? Can you get those parts in Algeria?

Just let me know what you have done to get started so I know where you are and we can go from there.