Let's Make Robots!

Ladybug Hexapod

runs, avoid obstacles

Yesterday I finetuned the code for ladybug independent moves.

I excluded the IR TV remote controll functionality because infrain function on 08M is somehow unreliable for fast moving robot controll.

The code is now optimised for smarter object avoiding and dead-ends resolving.

There are two thresholds:

 - obstacle is closer than 20 cm - go to the right

 - obstacle is closer than 5 cm  - go 10cm back the turn right

Three servos are now better synchronised and "pauses" between movements are optimised for 4,8V battery voltage (movements are slightly slower than at 5V)


Bellow you can see it from the down.

Stickers on legs are to make it sliding.




Under the skin.

Body and legs are from PCB material without copper layer.

Black part of legs is from plastic "distance tubes" used for pcbs mounting.

Feet are from self-adhesive rubber foam.

IR sensor (still in photo) is not there anymore.



This is the size. With coat on.

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Very creative! You should mabe make the head turn right and left so that it can roam more effeciently, unless you want to move on to some more "complex" robots.

Good luck!

Some of us consider ladybugs "complex" robots. 

I do build more complex robots. http://letsmakerobots.com/user/7003/pages/robot

what servo's are those, they are really tiny

2x Turnigy 3,6g  - for legs pairs  -  very weak but they move legs when they are off-the-ground

1x Turnigy 9g - for centeral pair of legs - this one must be stronger because it moves up and down whole weight of robot