Let's Make Robots!

Cheap stuff and Free stuff

We have good news:

Cheap stuff
We have made a deal with DFRobot: From 21'st of March 2011, when you buy stuff there, and give them this code: ALABTU when checking out, you will get a 5% discount, and they will also pay 5% to support future development of letsmakerobots.com.

Free stuff
When people have purchased "The LMR Bundle", linked to from top menu "Start Here", Solarbotics have for a long period paid 10% to hosting of LMR. This has done so well that we even had a little money left over from last period. So we have decided to buy a lot of T-shirts and (or) caps with printed LMR logo on, and give them back to our members for free. More details to come, we are dealing with T-shirt-shop now :)

More to come, stay tuned :)

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Huzzah !

That is so awesome!

Ill order from there for my next project probally.  (Its gonna be a big one.)


Thank you :)

Nice !

T-shirts are better than caps, no ?


I too would be happy to pay postage if not too much.

I would love to have a LMR t-shirt! I would even pay for the shipping if the price is reasonable! =D

Free stuff is so much better than not free stuff !!!

(And you should know that DFRobot is already almost half price on some stuff)