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Robotshop Review

Is RobotShop a good place to buy parts from? I've heard they pissed fritsl off... Is it worth to buy things there? Are there any better online shops?

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If you're buying from RobotShop Canada,I know that their website aren't always updated as soon as there are changes. I bought from them a few times and since it is about 20 min from my place I always gave them a call and picked up my order the same day ( as long as they have them in stock). My point is 2 days after I already had the parts,on their website it was still showing " pending". Had to call thm up to have them change the status of my order. Had a good service with them...but a bit expensive on some of their parts. Good luck :-)

Are you talking about their HQ in Boisbriand? I live in Montreal and I just discovered today I can pick up my order there. I'll probably call them now.

Yes that's the one and I'm from Montreal too. Easy to deal with them and not far from Montreal. They are nice talking on the phone and you can pick-up your order  even if there are some back order stuff. Take care my friend :)

Ah well thank you very much! It's good to know there are fellow LMRers somewhere near ;)

BTW do you know any electronics/robotics groups in the Montreal area? I would love to joint a group where we could share our knowledge and learn. Thanks (I'm french by the way)

Bought a huge order from them on the 2nd of April and I still haven't received it. I guess it's the back-order.

I mean it still says "pending"!

I just ordered from them 5 minutes ago. I was backed into a corner and they were the ONLY supply house for this part. They stuck me for an extra $3 because my order was not big enough.

If you plan on buying less than $30 from them, you have to pay a "we think you are a shitty customer" fee.


well talking about Chinese products, I have a few years experience to work with China i get the following results:


1- Some Chaniese PCB companies can produce very good quality PCBs with very low peices.


2- you can find good components suppliers with cheap prices.


3- most cinese compines suffer from mechanical issues. they are not good in mechanics as they are good in electronics.


4- China is different world, some times cheap components are much higher quality than expensive components. it is mainly depends on the supplier and the market that the supplier distribute in.


So, I think here in LMR if we are not trying to talk about money. but talk about making the Robot technology cheaper and availabe to every one. we must help and guide some chinese companies to supply the good quality components(we decide if it is good or not) with cheap prices ( based on experince with china). I think we need few profissional persons living in China.

OddBot could be one of them. :)



I ordered a RBBB Propeller with them......i made sure it was in stock (as i wanted it fast) and it took them 2 weeks before they even posted it :-( then another week for delivery....... and i had to pay customs duty Grrrrrrr ....... what can i say.......