Let's Make Robots!

R2 Like Bot (Start Here)

Navigates around mindlessly very slow avoiding large obstacles

Well here is my start here bot. I want to do more with it eventually but I am moving on to the Aduino platform for my next bot that I need to design. The start here bot was fun and got me hooked into learning more. The hardest part with developing this bot was mounting the servo so that it would rotate the top CD spindle on top of the base CD spindle. My inspiration was R2D2 and would like to use it as a play bot and an easy way to try out new sensors, LEDs and what not. Future things I would like to do is have LED turn signals on it, alter the programming so that it scans constantly in front of it to avoid obstacles that are not directly in its way, and probably some other stuff. Anyway I am declaring that phase one of this bot is done.

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Dig the robot.

I too was hooked via the Start Here Robot project. 

Looking forward to seeing more. Doing more.


Yeah, it is really cool to actually see how things work instead of just using them. It is a nice break to actually program something tangible compared to my normal work which is usually just updating web pages and databases. Right now I am trying to learn more about standard electronic components like resistors/capacitors/diodes/etc.. :)

Check out this series of really helpful videos for an understanding of basic electronic components.

Handily collected by LMR user Gareth, but produced by MAKE Magazine.

Thanks, that will be much easier than reading. :)

It's so cute! ;)

Thanks for the comments. I will post a video today. It is kind of neat when it turn its head and body at the same time. I will try setting up a little obstacle course for it to go through.

I love the look. It is cool how a small innovation to the start here robot really makes a big change to the style. Great work!

I agree with Frits' comment. Add some paint, sound and lights to this little guy and you've got a very awesome looking robot.

Haha cool way of building your chassis!

I would like to see this in action! Please post a video.

Hey, good idea. You will have to add some white spray paint (done on the inside will keep it from getting scratches), and at least one speaker (old headphones have them light weight)

Programming the sounds and have some lights flashing at the same time will be fun and teach you a thing or two :)

Look into the commands that sets the frequency for generating better sounds (higher pitch).

And do post a video :)