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big current motor controller


Stages2 - 5:1, 5:1
Gear MaterialSteel
Speed :923 rpm @ 12V
Amps @ nominal:1.5 Amps
Peak Power:0.55 hp
Stall current:148 A
Stall torque:2383 oz-in
Weight:16.05 oz (455 grams)
Size:1.5" (38.1mm) square
Length:4.16" (106mm)
Shaft diameter:1/2" (12.7mm)
Shaft length:1.5" (38mm)
Shaft Key0.125in. (3.2mm)
Shaft End Tap#10-32
Mounting Holes (8)#10-32

I need suggestions for what type of motor controller to drive 2 of this motor and what type of batteries should I use? The stall current says 148A and Amps@normal is 1.5Amps, not sure what should I concern.

Thanks in advance!! :)

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Yes, the problem for me is, too many. Don't know which one to choose and the controller could handle that current are way expensive for me unless they mark it wrong in current like Oddbot said 14.8V --> 148V.

If it's 148V, I was looking http://www.robotmarketplace.com/products/roboteq_speed_controllers.html for those blue box controller on bottom hale of the page but they are really pricy. If you don't mind could you help me to point out which one will be the idle for these 2 motors?