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Quick Video of new Robot PCB


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It is all done in code.  This was just a test program to make sure that the LEDs worked.  The brain of this circuit is the PIC 16F877A microcontroller.  Any of you PICAXE fans out there will know this as a 40x2 surface mount.  I used the CCS C compiler.  I believe that Hi-Tech C is offered free by microchip now for development on their chips.  I have a sumobot code repository where I put my code.  If anyone is interested look here.  I haven't put the new code there yet.

The other day I was playing with the 555 timer to make an LED blink at different rates depending on resistors/capacitor. Anyway, I was wondering if you used some sort of circuit with decade timers or are you coding it? Just would like to know a little more on how you developed your dancing lights. They are pretty cool. :)