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Question:- How could the ShoutBox be displayed on a separate Serial LCD screen

I have a simple question and project that may be "Fun" and quite practical for all Avid "SHOUTBOX" user.

It would be real cool to have a separate 2 or 4 line serial LCD next to your compy displaying shoutbox updates .YAY.

Question :- how on earth could i "parse" the LMR webpage ?

                   ......extract the shoutbox data ?

                    ........and display to a serial LCD display ?

The closest i have come is by using a program called LCD smartie ..... that works for Rss channels ...... however the shoutbox is not on Rss ..... don't quote me on that though

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kludged quickly together - command line java program - could do forum comment posts (but i disabled that as it could be used to hurt innocent posts) - run on Linux or Windows ... (maybe Mac).  Must have Java 1.5 or above. Spits out the shouts at the end.

      java -jar LMRAPI.jar -u <userID> -p <password> -s <"shout text">


java -jar LMRAPI.jar -u voodoobot -p XXXXXXXX -s grogs java jar works on macs as wel.
using <userID>voodoobot
Mar 31, 2011 8:59:47 AM org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpMethodBase getResponseBody
WARNING: Going to buffer response body of large or unknown size. Using getResponseBodyAsStream instead is recommended.

Doesn't appear handle text without quotes. I'm sure you could capture the string value after the -s without quotes by looking for the \n\r

The error appears with or without quoted text.

Also when just running "java -jar LMRAPI.jar" I get the options list plus the output of most of the most recent shouts.(last few did not appear)

Maybe outputting the shouts could be an option instead of default action?

Pasted Python script and indeed it works.











<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Virual = Virtual    my typo


This is great news TH ....now i could for example link my BlueSun CryBaby into the Shoutbox and have the whole LMR crew wondering whats dropped in my post ....MwaaMwaaMwaaaaaa

What did I started?

Good it works for you ... wasn't sure about indentation being kept correctly :)

Your program seems to be full of invalid syntax whenever i run it.
What version of python was the program written in?

... but most likely the indentation got broken.

get the raw outout from pastebin and paste it in notepad or notpad++

Theres the problem then.

Python 2.6 wont run anymore on my pc since i installed 3.1

I'll try running it through py2to3

thanks anyway

That is one cool idea, Gareth! I am thinking of similar thing, java midlet for mobile phones, for a long time. Unfortunately cannot force myself to do some coding :)