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how to find steppers in cd/dvd drives


i'm trying to biuld a mini cnc useing the laser carrages from cd/dvd drives but i can't find any.

so far i've dissasembled a stereo, cd r/rw for pc, a dvd drive for pc, and two dvd players. and all i've seen are dc motors and possible some brushless motors, but no steppers.

just to clarefy

stepper = 4-6 wires

dc = 2 wires


any help welcome 

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Can't help on the drives but I've seen stepper motors in old ink jet printers I tear apart. People just give those things away.

Injets usually have at least 1, flatbed scanners as well, Older tape backup systems have nice steppers(I pulled three from one system). Look at items that need some degree of accuracy in their movement as those usually have steppers.

on Hackaday that used what appear to be steppers from old cd/dvd drives, so I know what Naturesyouth is looking for. I don't know what drives they are using though.