Let's Make Robots!

Thank-You, LMR

I just wanted to say thank you a lot LMR for providing me a chance to discover the wonders of robotics and electronics. Before I found this website all I knew was how to change the batteries for a searchlight and now I have found my true hobby, my field of studies and, hopefully, future employment.

Few months ago I was given a chance to publish my project in an expo of youngster scientists and was even shown on a reportage about it on a national television.

Also, yesterday I came back from Lithuania's capital - Vilnius - where I presented my project and won a second place in the "European Union Young Scientist Competition".

My prize was 2 points to my competitive mark (it is a grade, that tells the average of your final exams) and such bonus is considered to be very desirable among high-school graduates, who I am. Also, my municipality is going to award me with some cash prize as well.

Moreover, as I later discovered, I should have won the first place, but since I am in the final year of my studies, the upcoming exams would have crossed with the further stages of the competition people proceed to if they make it to the top.

Therefore, I want to THANK YOU A LOT for chaning my life for the better. YOU ROCK!


This is me showing my project to the Education Minister of Lithuania.


p.s. sorry for my poor english and grammatical mistakes that are very likely to occur in such a long text ;D

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Awesome! :D


Keep up the good work and I am sure you will end up with a career you can be proud off!

I have also had my life changed by LMR. I was an unemployed welder in Australia, now I am a product designer in China.

Not many people can say that "I was an unemployed welder in Australia, now I am a product designer in China." :D

(an you did it yourself, btw! :)

Nice work. Sveikiname. Man patinka "Google Translate".

I am impressed. --To present your project to the Minister of Education, to be shown on national television and to have the possibility of a cash prize as well... excellant!

This does sound like it will add to your chances of getting good employment later.  You will have this experience to demonstrate what you are able to accomplish with only a few parts and a good understanding of that towards which you are working.


As to poor english or grammatical errors, I did not notice any such errors in your writing, and I do tend to notice such things.

The only real error was a simple typographical one; the misspelling of "changing" as "chaning", but we all can miss a letter here and there. Your use of english is better than many of the people in this country who often seem to barely try to make themselves understood at times. I would give your english usage top marks.   By the way, while in this country (only) it is proper to capitalize "English", that is not true in the UK and other places.  Many grammar and spelling rules depend on where you are located.


Good job.

Dan M.


Was it this project you presented?

Yeah, but with a controller glove and a bit more advanced. ;)

Congratulations on your achievements! I'm glad LMR was there to help you. It has certainly been a great experience for me too, personally. So I think it is a very fulfilling community for all ages.