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pin config for 40x1 board

pic 40x1 project board iv bought

hey iv bought this project board but im little confused as to where i should connect IR sensor n servo.
can anyone pls tell me pin config for this  board
any help will be appreciated!!! :)

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I'm not sure if you can successfully use this board or not. Compare the board schematic to the info about the Picaxe 40x1 in Picaxe Manual 1.

Look in the Picaxe manual about the download circuit on page 8 and the pinouts for the 40x1 on page 9. It looks like you could use pins RA4 and RA5 on the board to access the Serial In and Serial Out pins of the Picaxe. Connect them as shown in the download circuit to program the Picaxe.

You will still need a Picaxe cable to convert the signals to the proper levels to connect to a computer USB or serial port. It is too bad you cannot use the onboard MAX232 to connect the Serial In and Serial Out pins to your computer for programming. They are hard-wired to the hserin and hserout lines on the chip, which cannot be used for programming via the Picaxe Editor. This would have allowed you to use a normal serial or USB cable instead of the special Picaxe one, I think.

i would be careful with that board. the picaxe chips use a programming circuit attatched to pins 6, 7 and 31. i would highly suggest you try and find a schematic for the board to see which pins the serial port interfaces to. dont try so use the icsp programming interface as this will just erase the bootloader on the picaxe

u mean if i attach pic from this port it will erase the bootloader program???

which is the 5 pins labeled PGD, PGC, MCLR, VCC, GND, you will end up removing the PICAXE software that lets you write your program in their version of BASIC. You should as I said before try connecting to the pins that were mentioned earlier in this post list.

until you mention the specific PIC you plan on inserting it would be difficult to tell you what pins you need to connect. I will say that as evidenced by the board you will need to connect the power and ground for the servo separately rather than the way some of the more common robot controllers do it with dedicated 3 pin headers that allow for easy servo connections.

im using PICAXE 40x1 as the microcontroller in this board.

can i use the same picaxe programming editor it program this??