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the comp is not detecting the pic40x1 (urgently need help)

hello everyone,

im doing this basic robot shown here. as i din get 28x1 IC and its equivalent board i decided to make it on 40x1 with the board.

iv done the required connections for motors only using L293D IC and its equivalent board.

i thought of testing ite motos if they are working or not, when i connected the this to my comp it says the the driver is installed but it doesnot detect the micrecontroller. 

the image for this is shown below...

iv got this to show tommorrow can any one plz help me out.

in the above picture the botoom part with red led is the USB UART which is given to USB port in comp. 

the top small one with IC is the L293d motor driver withits board.

iv checked the manuals and the pinconfigurations and only then given the connections but still if there are any mistakes plz tell me.

the main problem is that when power is given the comp doesnot detect microcontroller...


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as i said on your previous post the picaxe uses pins 6, 7 and 31 in its download circuit for the 40x1. you need to check wether the serial port on you board connects to these pins on your board. also the board you purchased was for a bare pic. the picaxe is a pic chip but with a custom bootloader. i really cant help you much more than this unfortunately but im afraid you might not make your deadline tommorrow
Tom J 

u mean if pin 6, 7 and 31 is given to comp connection the comp will detect and then i will be able to download the program??

i suggest you read the picaxe manual 1, page 8 - 11 and 41 - 46. this will give you an idea of what the pins do on your 40x1. 
what are you using to write your program? if its the picaxe editor can you give the error code it comes up with.
Tom J 

i read the manual many times but its not helping...

i also  double checked that there is voltage appering at pin 11 and pin 32 which means the IC is active.

but i couldn find any connection for pin 6, 7and 31 to serial port.

when i connect to comp, and open editor i.e. picaxe programming editor, an options window appers and when i click on check firmware version it gives an error like this.

I would guess you will find that the serial port is connected to pins 25 and 26. The board you are attempting to use is more likely meant to be used with non bootloader based PICs ie PICAXE chips and the like. At that point you should be easily be able to program your PICAXE by connecting the programming cable as the manual suggests at the specific pins called out on the board.

by inspection and looking on it, it seems like serial port is connected to pins 25 and 26.

this is meant for non bootlader based pics but it also works with bootloaded pics too.

This is the dev board you're using, right? Like the other comments say, it's made for a straight PIC, not a Picaxe. While the pinout may/will be the same, the Picaxe doesn't use the in circuit programming functionality, just regular I/O pins. In short, it won't work unless you program it using the method birdmun suggested.

this is just a PIC 16f 40 pin board, we can connect any PIC40 pin to this board.

the pin outs are the same.