Let's Make Robots!

My first robot...and your cool ideas

Navigates around slightly handicapped because it cant turn its neck
masterpiece.bas704 bytes

Hello everyone!!!!


Ya this guy is mine :D Not that bad na ??




Taugh wall-e prototype to draw Rangoli.

Check video in youtube for more description.


Taught it to write, here it writes LMR

Really an amateur but nevertheless it is satisfactory :)



The neck does not rotate because we got a continuos rotation servo in our kit so its used to keep turning and turning trying to suicide. So we had to make our own program to make it turn etc etc.

I'm trying to make this as short as possible because this will be more of a discussion than me talking only about my robot.

I have just startedmaking robots actually with help of LMR and my friends. This is my first successful one...I know I know this is what I have just copied from http://letsmakerobots.com/start ofcourse this is true, this is where you all must have started your robot venture (thanks a lot fritsl!!! :P ).

Anyway coming to the point me and my friend have decided to take the whole of May to make new and better robots (now that we know the basics..well almost ).

I know many of you have done this exact robot. I really wish to know what all new things did you try on the same robot using the same picaxe board, for example putting some LED or buzzers as fristl stated.

We are going to try making "legs" for the little guy, for this I will really need some help and assisstance from you all.

Reply in your ideas, how you have meddled with your robot.. dont feel shy to post pics of your robot.

You can post even the unique program that you wrote just to share so that others can get more ideas. :D


 (this guy is wat i want to make! help me !!)

Lets go make the future even more WOW!!!! :D :P

Just comment you robot enthusiast :P


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Now the robot can draw!!

Sweet. A great next step would be making the robot draw things you depicted on your pc. I think it would be fairly possible with processing.

 Anyways, gratz on your first robot ^^

Now I'm teaching it to write, later i guess I can do that need to do some more research :D


First of great job with the second robot =). You wrote that you and your friends bought a continues servo, and in your program you took out the part to turn the servo. This is occuring because your servo had 360 degress of rotation, while you only need 180 degress for the sensor. In your code you can adjuct it, so that the servo only turns 180 degress, not 360. 

It's not a 360 servo he has. It is a continuous rotation servo (intended as a drive actuator). So there's no easy way to make it go only 180.

There are servos that turn 360 and then stop. If he had one of those he could either gear it down or control it via software.

Out of curiosity, DTB, did you get that servo accidently as part of the start here package? If so, they sent you the wrong part and should replace it. If you bought it separately yourself, you are on your own.

would it be to add a pair of NO switches to a single pin w/ one tied high and the other tied low. Then react when that pin goes high or low? My suggestion is to use a pair of switches as limit switches to control how far the servo turns. Maybe look at what fritsl or TheCowGod did on their little drum machines as at least one, if not both, used motors instead of servoes to do all of the work.

Actually IG they said they did not have the standard servo so I asked them whether they had anything similar to it. The showed the servo which I currently have, I never knew all servos are NOT the same so told them OKAY.

Hence I ended up with this :(.


Well hang on to it. You will find a use for it.

If you get a matching servo you can try out locomotion with continuous rotation servos instead of regular DC motors. Have fun.

ya hopefully or i can use it for decoration like putting a cinderella on it which will seem to DANCE :P

Firstly thanks a lot. I tried everything possible with the coding of the servo but it went in vain. The servo just would not stop rotating(because it was in a loop statement) so it was not possible to control it.