Let's Make Robots!


Drives around
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This robot was made by 2 pieces of foam-core stuck together to make the chassis. I used the same circuit board as in Start Here. It isnt that nice. Its only my first robot, that I made from complete scratch. Made at 9 years old.

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You did a great job with that, and it looks nice too.  Keep working like that and it won't be long before you are one of the people others turn to for help and advice.  Looks like you have a great future.  And I agree with the others that you should submit this to a science fair!


Applause, I mean it!


great work!!! how old are you now??

Im still 9! :P

At 9 years old, I couldn't even write a BASIC program let alone build a robot. (9 years old was 30 years ago for me. :P) I have all the parts one could use to build a robot and haven't yet managed it. You are doing great. :)

Just show more pictures and video. show this at a science fair. i would give it 90%

Awesome!!!!!   Good job, keep up the good work.

Do you like it? I need other peoples opinion.