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LMR Primer - Useful Links for New Members and Old Alike

"How do I build a robot?" 

"Which processor should I use?"

"Can you teach me to do that?"

These are the sort of questions we get again and again on LMR.  We're a helpful bunch of people, and we want you to have fun and learn too.  You are a very talented person.

The links I've collected below are ones that I feel may help you find what you are looking for. There are tons of other great material on LMR. Don't limit youself to the list below, but do check them out if you have questions in those areas.

Post comments on your own favorite tips and links for beginners, and I will add them to the list.



Informative Articles

Awesome 'n Easy Robot Projects

How do I... ?  Basic Electronics 'n Stuff

Basic Builds

It's not working! How do I fix... ?

Selected Sources, Particular Parts

Workshops and Tip Series

PolyMorph Workshops and Tips


LMR "Publications"


Make: The Latest in Hobby Robotics

LMR Live Show

LMR in the News

The Pulse

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Thanks for bringing these to my attention.

I added the link to the Arduino port reference, which I agree is super handy.

I think the usefulness of the Arduino stand alone breadboard assembly article is less universal, so I'm going to leave that off. It is a good article, and worth reviewing for anyone interested.

I'm also leaving off the Physical Computing link from NYU. It's a very nice collection of knowledge, but I don't want this page to be a 'link of links'. I suggest you add it to LMR as a web link, unless someone has already added it.

Just bringing this fine post to attention again. In the words of one James Brown, "Still good!"

This is also a good famous tutorial site for arduino w/sensors etc: http://tronixstuff.wordpress.com/tutorials/

a free online guide to learn programming in dutch


the whole site is really usefull for people who speak dutch.


http://www.learncpp.com/. Very good tutorial on C++, which helps with Arduino, OpenCV and undoubtedly much more.

http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/HomePage. That;s where I learned all my Arduino.


Not a week goes by that I don't look this one up for reference.

How to make LED's glow, not blow.   (OddBot)