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Make a nifty xBee usb adapter box in 2 minutes!

Makes your xBee to pc connection look more stylish.

This is my first Tip, thus please be lenient. ;D

Few days ago I started experimenting with my xbee modules. The first thing I came across was connect it to the PC, so I used a usb adaptor (this one) . After finishing the beta versions of both, robot and pc program to control it, I wanted the connectors to look more smooth so I started looking for some kind of enclosure for it and then I accidently found these lying around. It seems that they fit the adaptors perfectly.

So if you ever want to give your adaptor a new look, search for "2 AA battery holder" on ebay. They are dirt-cheap ($1-2) and you can also scavange a little slide switch from it.

All you need to do is to dremel the insides and use some hot glue to make it more tight (that's what she said).

The hole that is left after removing the slide switch acts great for indicating if the adapter is on, since the led on the board aligns perfectly with the hole.


That's it, hope you like it and will make use of it. ;)

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