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Well, I am putting together a shopping list of parts pending an Ebay sale... I was thinking of getting a few extra 08m's for some simple projects. Question: I noticed that all the robots with a servo/ range sensor have to stop moving to take a look around (one code at a time, you know) --Is there any reason i couldn't "sub-out" some of the things the robot does? I.e. could an 08m take care of the servo movements and take distance readings so the main chip doesn't have to slow itself down doing this? In this configuration, it seems, the main brain could just get a simple one pin input about distance and have that much thinking space freed up. No?

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Do they have to stop? The first problem I had with my robot was, that I didn't stop the motor on purpose, when it got too close to an obstacle. The result was that the robot ran into a table, before it got a chance to look around. Yes, you can only issue one instruction at a time, but turning on the motors is just a question of setting an output pin to high and then it stays that way, until you tell it differently. In the meantime, you can do something else, like turning a servo, measuring a distance or launching a doomsday-device.
I agree, and also have that question, is it possible to bypass the stopping so it kind of does it all at once?