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Chess Engine Update 4/3/11

Well by luck I happened to find some one elses chess robot in one of the instructables contest. He was using Apple script to communicate with a terminal chess engine. That is about as much as I read into his project when I was like "Apple script?"

So I did some googling and it is a scripting language for Macs. Well I had heard of scripting before but never actually searched and found out what it was. I must say I like this stuff. After looking at some tutorials and reading how the language works I came up with this script that interfaces my chess robot with a computer chess engine. I see a lot of Apple script in my future :). Already wrote some tweeting and texting scripts that I know are driving some people nuts. When asked if there was a way of making programs talk to each other and talk with terminal scripts, this is what I was looking for ;). Not finding this till now is a good example of not using the right google key words. 


See what my script does in the video:


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Awesome project Patrick!

The Apple Script looks to be a very effective means of operation.

hey I play chess tooo this is cool...get sum inspiration from fritz 11 and rybka :D