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RP5 280 motors

I'm trying to figure out what kind of motors are used in the RP5 track system. I've tried to cross reference specs available to datasheets online but nothing matches up completely.

(Got the specs from Dagu after all. Posted for your information. -ed)

Motor_specification.pdf1.89 MB

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Got the .pdf of the specs for the motors. Attached to OP.

No idea. Pololu lists the specs as:

  • two brushed DC motors with 210 mA free run and 2.4 A stall current at 7.2 V

I guess you already know that. They are probably no-name brand motors from some manufacturer in China. The motors themselves are not geared, but are connected to an external gear train. So they probably just source the motors from whoever will meet their specs.

Yeah, I saw those specs. I guess I'll just go along with those. You're probably right about the whole thing. I was sort of hoping it was a commonly found Mabuchi motor with a nice datasheet. Then I thought, "Gee, I think the days of the chinese going out-of-house for parts are probably over."

I'll email the Dagu folks, maybe they have more detailed info. You think I would have done this already, yes? No. I was counting on the sum of collective knowledge of this for the info, that's all. If I get more details I'll post them for the posterity archives.