Let's Make Robots!

One million new components to browse

As you all know, and as 1069 (Rick) recently described, LMR is very much alive, packing robo action :D

There is always something new to watch, learn, debate, and always the option to take the frontpage with your latest creation.
However, one area that is halting, is the components-section.

The original idea was that we should build a library of components, to centralize info. That way, if two or more different projects was using the same component, the info could be kept at one place.

And that would make it easier to find all info on that particular component.

But the section is by far the least active of LMR.

I realized that a guy called Ben (bens/350) from a company called Pololu was actually an active member on LMR.
Pololu is one nice company making robot-stuff (not just reselling) and so I asked him if Pololu would not want to enter their whole catalouge into our components section.

Ben and others where afraid that it would be like spam & hostile / commercial takeover of LMR.

However, to my knowledge we are all buying parts.. And if we where all sitting in a bar, buying beers, then would we not want a bartender close to us, showing us all he’s drinks & beers?


We can still comment on all the parts, so it is in fact just a handy catalouge right at our hands to use if we want.. and all LMR are still belong to us!!

Dan/TheCowGod/101 is doing a fantastic job at hosting LMR (he is paying all hosting out of he’s own pocket), and he is also now working on importing their catalouge.

If we do not like it, we can just take it off again.
If we like it, we can keep it, and get updates when they have new products.
If we love it, we can consider inviting more companies :)

It will come on air very soon, if it is not already when you read this! I hope it will be cool :)

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Oh wait, I think I can! But not for long.

And by the way, it's "ten sixtynine", without a "c". ;-)


Yup, I'm working hard on the import script, and I think it's great that Pololu has agreed to work with us on this. It'll be great to have a more useful components section. And 4 may be somewhat overstating the amount of new components we'll be getting :) Their catalog currently has 357 items. I should be able to get it online in a few days.


ok, let's see how it comes.

i've always tought that the component section need some work and rethink.. maybe this would shake it a little :P

That would be fantastic.

If it all works out, there should be a weekly blurb about a different type of component popping up every week, or day.

Hmm.. That would really smell like if we where trying to sell their stuff.. But on the other hand, I too personally would like it if there was a random "Component of the next 3 days" featured to discuss - just for that sake of interesting talks etc.

I think we may be on air with the components over the weekend, I hear positive vibes from Dan :)

 Let me hear what other people think of the idea with featured components.. Perhaps also an old robot and old tip re-feature.. hmm :)

It would definitely be a good topic starter. Could even set it as it's own blog posting, and we could discuss each "Component of the week/day/etc" in the comments.