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Giger v4 Custom Humanoid Robot

Mech Warfare

Hey guys,

Wanted to give an update on this project. I actually started a new project post because this is literally a new robot at this point. I had two trips to compete in humanoid competitions in Korea last year, and learned a lot while there. I started a ground-up rebuild which more or less replaced every part on Giger. He ended up losing 10cm in height and about 1kg of excess weight, so it was well worth it. It's much more stable now and has a considerably lower COG. Still uses the same Gumstix onboard computer. This hopefully final version was built exclusively to compete in Mech Warfare. Eventually I plan on adding hands and using weapons that I can actually hold/manipulate. The head was 3D printed at Shapeways.






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How can I build one of these 

that looks mad keep up the great work dude


hey, I was wondering if you could pretty please release or send me the plans at heath0818@gail.com, my school has a cnc machine and im aloud to cut the parts, if you could it would be a giant help as im actuary going to build this robot. thanks -heath

This robot looks so cool but I think that it can walk much better than what I watched in the video...

WOOW is awesome

Sweet Bongo of the Congo! That's a robot!

Congradulations man!

How much weight can one arm lift? Thanks

That is one VERY mean looking bot. Please keed it under control! :-)

Awesome! :O

Monsterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Perfectttttt!!!!!!!!