Let's Make Robots!

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Rasoul's picture

This robot looks so cool but I think that it can walk much better than what I watched in the video...

WOOW is awesome

flyingchainsaw's picture

Sweet Bongo of the Congo! That's a robot!

Congradulations man!

How much weight can one arm lift? Thanks

That is one VERY mean looking bot. Please keed it under control! :-)

Reo's picture

Awesome! :O

giannhsitia's picture

Monsterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Perfectttttt!!!!!!!!

johanar's picture

That's a pretty mean robot! Looking forward to it taking full advantage of the dual weapons and blasting in different directions while charging forwards :)

Dan M's picture

Something tells me that with the amount of money involved and the fact that there are sponsors (who generally want to see a return on their investments) that this is a prototype for a line of robots you hope/plan to market. Not a thing wrong with that...

There are a lot of contenders, though, so I wish you luck if that is the plan. And if so, you should try and think of something your robot will be able to do that the others on the market cannot (-or at least have not yet been programmed for.)

I've seen ones that walk up and down stairs, dance, ride a bicycle and strike gung fu poses.

I hope you succeed. The more new ideas for robots, the better the field becomes.

I know.  Replace the guns with real ones, develop it's facial recognition, coat it with ceramic or CNT armour and then sell it to the police as a way to stop hostage situations.   :-)

Dan M.

[ btw: If anyone is wondering what CNT armour is, it is not yet available (on Earth), but should be within the next 10 to 20 years. CNT stands for carbon nano-tubes. Approximately 7 times stronger than the best steel at the same material weight.]

Tyberius's picture

Actually, it's not a prototype for anything I plan on marketing. This is a personal project I've been working on for close to 3 years now.

I do work for a robotics company and I do the product development here, so I'm fairly transparent with my projects and my intentions (see my previous post on my hexapod, which was in fact a prototype for a product). 

Thanks though!