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Giger v4 Custom Humanoid Robot

Mech Warfare

Hey guys,

Wanted to give an update on this project. I actually started a new project post because this is literally a new robot at this point. I had two trips to compete in humanoid competitions in Korea last year, and learned a lot while there. I started a ground-up rebuild which more or less replaced every part on Giger. He ended up losing 10cm in height and about 1kg of excess weight, so it was well worth it. It's much more stable now and has a considerably lower COG. Still uses the same Gumstix onboard computer. This hopefully final version was built exclusively to compete in Mech Warfare. Eventually I plan on adding hands and using weapons that I can actually hold/manipulate. The head was 3D printed at Shapeways.






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That's a pretty mean robot! Looking forward to it taking full advantage of the dual weapons and blasting in different directions while charging forwards :)

Something tells me that with the amount of money involved and the fact that there are sponsors (who generally want to see a return on their investments) that this is a prototype for a line of robots you hope/plan to market. Not a thing wrong with that...

There are a lot of contenders, though, so I wish you luck if that is the plan. And if so, you should try and think of something your robot will be able to do that the others on the market cannot (-or at least have not yet been programmed for.)

I've seen ones that walk up and down stairs, dance, ride a bicycle and strike gung fu poses.

I hope you succeed. The more new ideas for robots, the better the field becomes.

I know.  Replace the guns with real ones, develop it's facial recognition, coat it with ceramic or CNT armour and then sell it to the police as a way to stop hostage situations.   :-)

Dan M.

[ btw: If anyone is wondering what CNT armour is, it is not yet available (on Earth), but should be within the next 10 to 20 years. CNT stands for carbon nano-tubes. Approximately 7 times stronger than the best steel at the same material weight.]

Actually, it's not a prototype for anything I plan on marketing. This is a personal project I've been working on for close to 3 years now.

I do work for a robotics company and I do the product development here, so I'm fairly transparent with my projects and my intentions (see my previous post on my hexapod, which was in fact a prototype for a product). 

Thanks though!

My respects!


I also work "in the industry" but I can't afford servos like that. Half your luck!


It's like love...but more matalikie and with guns, and a sweet camera, and a gumstick controller. Great work man, an inspiration to us all :P

Very nice robot Tyberius. I have a couple questions about the gumstix controller you said you are using. I am also using a couple gumstixs to control my ground and ariel robots and was wondering what you used to interface with the servos. I am currently using a robostix and wanted to know if you are doing the same. Secondly did you write you own custom code for the gumstix and if so what language did you use. Thanks in advance, and its nice to see someone else using the gumstix controller here on LMR.

I'm using an FTDI/USB breakout to supply RS-485 communication for the servos, this plugs into the USB host on the gumstix.

I did not write the framework code, but all of the gait development and configuration/customization is my own. It is written in C and was developed by Farrell Robotics, it's very similar to the Robotis terminal program, but with more features.

I would like to hear more about the gumstix and the camera. Which gumstix modules did  you use and which camera are you using? Is it a regular webcam? How is it interfacet to the gumstix?

Do you do any video processing on the gumstix and does the gumstix have enough memory/processing power to do any video processing?


Oh, and cool robot!