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SI1120 Sensor working

Developed the code some more to determine which side and how far an object is. The green LEDs signify whether or not either side detects an object. The yellow LEDs signify which side the object is. Lastly the red LED indicates of the object is really close.



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That's an interesting sensor. I found a bit of info on it here. There's a link to the datasheet on that page as well.

What are you using it for? The cost I saw ($4.99) make it pretty attractive, if it interfaces well.  

I'll be using it on my new sumo.  Interfacing was not too hard for me.  It is a rather small package (3 mm x 3 mm), but is still solderable by hand.  You need to get some other things like IR LEDs and if your cct isn't already running at 3.3v a regulator.  There will be a write up about it soon hopefully.  Right now I'm looking for information about how to take robots through customs.