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Frits has partnered with MAKE to present this video blog of the coolest things happening on LMR. 

Check back on this forum post for new episodes as they air.

Here the YouTube Playlist:

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You've outdone yourself! Ep 18 is brilliant. Low sound levels do not take that away. It's fast, instructional, hip, funny and nerdy.

make magazine huh?

i am very glad to see that unlike just about everyone else at make, you actually have the guts
to challenge your audience :)

make is pissing me off lately by catering only to the lowest common denominator.
any day now i expect kip kay to refer to spraypaint as a 'color hack'...

never be afraid to challenge us dude, it's exactly what we want. :)

Frits mentioned on TLIHR 16 that you could come up with 100 cool robot ideas... what if we came up with them here. We could just post them on here, and frits could decide which ones to say each video. Maybe 2 or 3 a video. Just a thought.

That's up to Frits, but he suggested in ep 16 that people post their ideas in the comments to the video, so you could always do that.

Update: Linked episode 19. TLIHR will be moving to a new montly format, with more cool stuff to show.