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Looks for brass flies to eat

This is Venux, my steampunk-inspired brass fly trap.

There's more information on my Build a brassier flytrap blog.

One flower is complete, with touch sensor and electromechanical fly accessory. I marked her as complete, although she may eventually have two to four flowers each controlled by two servos. One servo swivels the stem while the other opens and closes the mouth.

The hairs on the flower are connected as a touch sensor, so she knows to close when a yummy snack is in her grasp.

I will bring Venux along to the Steampunk Worlds Fair the weekend of May 20th -22nd.

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BTW love your clock in the background,where did you get it?

Yeah, I like it too. I found it at:


Thanks IG i'll check this out :)

That's really really cool project to build artificial plant. That must be so sick when you got few of them all together. Oh! of course that classic LMR firefly would be a big plus within this project. Teehee~

Thanks, hardmouse. If others start making the flies, we'll have to coin a term. Gareth-Flies? G-Flies?

nice,very nice.this is more than science,your making is a piece of art.

Thank you for the wonderful complement! Making it art is a stretch for me, but it is something I am trying to strive for.

Nice project, or should I say piece of art? 
It's more artistic than scientific and it't fun too.

A very nice way of using a darlington pair. You should make it close when you touch only one of the leaves too by making a circuit with two darlington pairs in series. A little unstable because it would have an hFE of about 9-10 million depending on what transistors you use, or you can get the same thing with a triple darlington, but it's less stable. :)

Again, very cool project. :) 

Thanks for the complements, and for the suggestion. I'll have to try the Darlingtons in series on a breadboard and see how it works out.