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The robot is controlled with pic18f4550 microcontroller, the pins are interfaced with uln2003 and then finally to l293d (hbridge).To generate more controls i used some logic gates like AND and NOT gate .The firmware is programmed in MPlab.

The 360 degree camera view is provided with a kinda robot arm mounted with camera , which can provide view in both x and y plane.

The other features are motion detector,IR object detection, laser ranger , and also included a small blue ray laser to bust small things like balloon, tapes etc etc etc etc etc. its connected and controlled with USB, for the moment is wired but it can become completely wireless by adding just an extra wireless hub . 

All controlls are generated with .net c# (visual 2010).

And finally i would like extend my greatest thanks to lets make robots to inspire me :)



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nice rony


CODE AND C# Application

This robot was made with USB interface Board , using pic18f4550 to control 6 - leds. i have made a small tutorial for this USB interface board.

I have also posted the Firmware and C# application with all necessary details and circuit diagrams here


Thanks for reading

Rakesh Ron



In answer to your Shoutbox question, you can put your tutorial and your code here on the robot page, or at your option, you could make the tutorial a separate blog.

You could either put the tutorial under "Blogs", or under "Something Else". If you want to do either of those, go to the ShoutBox column to the right ----->>  Go to the bottom section, and pick "Create Content".


If you want the code to appear here on your robot page, click the "Edit" tab at the top of this page. On the edit page that opens up, go to the bottom section and attach the file(s), and then save (post) it.

Thank you , :)

and also thank you to letsmakerobots.com to inspire me..


Thank you.

shall i put the source code? i mean is it allowed to do so here ?

Sure. I for one would love to see it.

Fantastic work :)

lol linkin park