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Why Tri

Tries to turn by matching front wheel steering angle to rear wheel PWM differential steering.
WhyTri0.5.pde12.4 KB

This is a robot built mostly to explore how you can steer with a combination of differential rear steering and a single servo controlled front wheel. This is a stupid way to steer. Why try it? I expect I'll learn a few things. Maybe you will too.

There's more pictures, videos and information on my blog Why Tri? A stupid way to build a robot.

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Exactly right. I had to pull out my protractor to work out some angles too. Math is more fun when it involves robots.

Nah, maths is always fun. But I have to admit it's easy to say for me as I am a mathematician :P

It doesn't look fun when you PLAY math with explosion.

I made some updates, but the post didn't bump.


I like it! Can't wait to see the finished product..

I will be interested to see how things play out with it.

But my question is, why would you want 2 steering methods on the same bot? Will they be used at the same time?

An excellent question. If you read the linked blog Why Tri. A stuid way to steer a robot, it explains. It's an experiment that I know is not very practical, but it will teach me some things about precise control with pwm, programming, etc.