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Phone-controlled RC car


I decided to throw this together simply because I wanted something faster than the tamiya treaded chassis I had previously finished.  See that link for schematic and code as this project is very similar.  Main difference is this used a different H-bridge.

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Robocop would pull me over in a second if I drove that thing.

Love the hood decal too :) Where did you get the car?

Snagged the Tyco RC car for $5 at a second hand store, hood decal is a sparkfun sticker... now I need something faster... or something without wheels

This thing does use DC motors, a larger one in the rear for locomotion and a smaller one in the front for steering.  The steering mechanism on this has a clutch, so the motor keeps spinning when the steering column reaches either side.  If the motor were to stop that would mean it is stalled. If stalled for a significant amount of time the motor might get hot and burn out.  For the steering on this car I supplied ample current using PWM (duty cycle of 72%) to turn the motors to each side fully.

As I understand this auto uses DC motor for steering. Do you apply contant current when steering? Whne I do on my car, the motor makes funny noises because the motor cant turn any more. Is it ok or how do you steer ?